Sankofa, aka David A. Anderson

Sankofa, aka David A. Anderson, retells the tales of ancient peoples, and creates stories that punctuate themes of contemporary life. Sankofa's stories helped immigrant Phouthasome discover stories that are like the "taste of sweet rice cakes."

Sankofa has worked with schools, libraries and organizations across 17 states. He has performed at Annual National Black Storytelling Festivals, and is a featured teller for the 2002 festival in Baltimore. He performed at the 2002 Clearwater 's Greater Hudson River Revival, and during the 1999, National Storytelling Association conference in Kingsboro, Tennessee. In 1999, he was featured on National Public Radio's "Celebrating Africa to African America Storytelling." and Storybook for Ghanaian and American librarians, a
workshop hosted by The United States Information Agency in Accra, Ghana. In 1994, he was a presenter at the Public Library Association 50th Anniversary Celebration in Atlanta.

Sankofa is author of the award-winning storybook, The Origin of Life on Earth: an African Creation Myth (1991), and, The Rebellion of Humans: an African Creation Myth (1991) and, Kwanzaa: an Everyday Resource and Instructional Guide. (1992), is a book that responded to requests by teachers committed to creating multicultural learning environments. He contributed to Linda and Clay Goss's Jump Up and Say: a Collection of Black Storytelling, and Javaka Steptoe's In Daddy's Arms I Am Tall. In 2000, Anderson's photography was featured during his storytelling residency at Manchester Craftsmen's Guild in Pittsburgh. His essay, "Under What Name Shall We Collect Our Identity?" is the introduction to Images "Afro-Rochester" 1910-1935, Rochester Museum & Science Center's book about a proud African American community.

Other Professional Experience
In 2000, he directed the 18th Annual National Black Storytelling Festival and Conference, and was recipient of their "Zora Neale
Hurston Award." Sankofa is the program director for AKWAABA: the Heritage Associates, interpreters of the Underground Railroad as
living history. Since 1996 he has performed annually, as Civil War veteran George Brown, in "Walk the Walk: Encounters with African
American Ancestors," a living history panorama of 19th century Afro-Rochester.

David A. Anderson is Chairman of the Rochester-Monroe County Freedom Trail Commission, and a teacher of African American Studies
at Rochester area colleges. In 1975, David A. Anderson, earned a Ph.D., in Educational Administration from Union Institute, Cincinnati.

Sankofa, David A. Anderson E-mail:
181 Royleston Road
Rochester, New York 14609
(585) 482-5192 Fax: (585) 288-3681

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