Nothando Zulu, Master Storyteller


Nothando Zulu is a performing artist, Master Storyteller, Monologist and Multi-Cultural Specialist and so much more!

Nothando Zulu (No tanâ-doh Zoo lu) has been performing for children and adults in Minnesota for more than twenty years and nationally for more than 15 years. Based in the culturally fertile Twin Cities of Minnesota, Ms. Zulu has drawn upon her own rich heritage as a farm girl from Virginia, to add the many nuances and ironies of life to her craft.

All audiences are naturally drawn to and find relevance in the images she projects as she recreates the colorful characters found in African and African- American folktales. In addition, Ms. Zulu's, portrayals of significant African and African-American women is a means of learning, which actually utilizes the emotions of the learner. This often-neglected method has been proven to increase retention far beyond conventional methods.

In a power demonstration of orality, the audience creases to be mere spectators, they are empowered participants in a living presentation. The experience is truly memorable! Zulu weaves history, folklore and personal experience into stories that reflect the traditions of Africans and stories that reflect the traditions of Africans and southern African-Americans. As a storyteller she has a chance to connect with children who aren't often impressed with what adults have to say. Nothando Zulu pulls from an extensive resource of colorful, funny characters whose antics and follies leave audiences pondering their own life's lessons.

National Association of Black Storytellers
Black Storytellers Alliance

Nothando's stories aren't transient . They're transforming! Hear Stories That Live!

For Contact or bookings:
Nothando Zulu, Master Storyteller
1112 Newton Avenue North
Minneapolis, MN 55411
(612) 529-5864
Fax: (612) 529-5981


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