Kucha Brownlee, Your Favorite Storyteller


In Swahili Kucha means dawning. Dawning is the first light; the first understanding. Storytelling initiates a desire to read, to explore and taps into the imagination of the listener. Stories are the foundation of understanding concepts and thoughts. Storytelling is the vehicle through which Kucha dawns.

Kucha brings over 25 years of performing to the storytelling arena. With her pleasant smile and singing voice Kucha draws the audience in. She sets the scene then becomes the story. A seasoned wordsmith Kucha weaves a rich tapestry of African and American folk tales, frolicking fables, powerful proverbs, and dialect into her performance art - storytelling. Kucha’s presentations are accompanied by shekere playing and enhanced by audience participation, which involves singing, learning and lots of fun. She is a performance artist with great dramatic flair.

In addition she is a lead storyteller facilitator for “Words 37,â€* a pilot program for storytelling, communication, reading and writing skills development for high school students. She has facilitated workshops for Mayor Daley’s Book Club, for Children Literacy Institute through the Chicago Board Education and trained student tellers to assist in Head Start programs for the Department of Children and Family Services. She also facilitated workshops for the Spirits Light Foundation, Inc.

Affiliations: NABS (National Association of Black Storytellers), NSN (National Storytellers Network), (ISF) Illinois Storytelling Festival and Northlands Storytelling Network, and Chair and co-founder of Ase: The Chicago Association of Black Storytellers,

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Let Kucha dawn on you.

Whether you are Pre-K, Primary, Middle or High school, daycares, libraries, hospitals, universities, museums, festivals, concerts, associations or corporations, Kucha has a performance to suit your needs. The many programs Kucha offers can accommodate your school assemblies; Family Reading Nights or just bring her in for a dynamic workshop for children, teachers or parents.

For advance booking or information contact:
Tony Brown, Performance Coordinator
7115 West North Avenue PMB # 258
Oak Park, IL 60302
(773) 722-9786 Fax (773) 722-4377



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