Brother Blue


Dr. Hugh Morgan Hill
(Brother Blue, Storyteller/Street Poet)

He is Dr. Hugh Morgan Hill, but everyone knows him as Brother Blue.Κ He is called by many "the world's greatest storyteller."Κ He says he wants his stories to be "bread for the mind, the heart, the soul."Κ He says, "I speak my stories from the middle of the middle of me to the middle of the middle of you" (the people).

He has presented his stories before countless audiences for radio, television, churches, libraries, schools, colleges and universities, hospitals, prisons, conferences, festivals, and in the streets and Parks in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Bahamas.Κ His repertoire includes many original Brother Blue stories, traditional stories from western culture, folk stories and spiritual stories from African and Asia, also his own one-man street versions of Shakespeare's plays.

He has presented many workshops and is the founder/director of a storytelling workshop at Harvard University. Brother Blue has graced many stages among them are:

αΚΚ Afro-American Pavilion
αΚΚ UNICEF Pavilion - the 1984 World's Fair in New Orleans
αΚΚ Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors (New York)
αΚΚ The New York Folk Festival (New York)
αΚΚ Africa in April (Memphis)
αΚΚ The National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough, Tenn.
αΚΚ The National Association of Black Storytellers
αΚΚ Toronto Festival of Storytelling; Vancouver (B.C.)

For additional information:

Brother Blue, Storyteller/Street Poet
Dr. Hugh Morgan Hill
P.O. Box 381315
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02238-1315
(617) 491-8399

Brother Blue is a dancing-singing-story.Κ Whether telling to children or adults, he believes storytelling is sacred art, the most sacred calling on earth.Κ Storytelling is a way of life, a way of being.Κ Storytelling is talking to God. Storytelling is praying aloud.Κ When I am telling stories or listening to stories.Κ I am listening as though God is telling me a story through the human storyteller.


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