Baba Jamal Koram

Baba Jamal Koram the StoryMan is a leading storyteller, author, spirit drummer, singer and performer who loves sharing stories with every age group, any where and who has shared these stories in thousands of performances throughout the United States in college and universities, K-12, at Washington's Kennedy Center and New York City's Lincoln Center, festivals and theatres.

He is a storyteller in the African American Griotic tradition and makes presentations to Pre School, Primary grades and
special community events and celebrations. Baba Jamal's repertoire includes workshops, lectures, folktales, conjure
stories, epics, songs, riddles, proverbs, chants, drumming and much more! Baba Jamal Koram is a medium of folklore and storytelling and has served as consultant, counselor, educator and friend for countless youth and many schools youth programs including Boys Clubs, Upward Bound, and the African Heritage Education Drumming Camps for Boys.
Baba Jamal Koram holds the following degrees, a B.A. from SUNY, New Paltz, a M.S. from SUNY Albany, and an Ed.S. from the University of Virginia. "Everywhere I have been, families have shown concerns for family, respect for elders, strength of character, and a reverence for life. These are the stories I tell." Baba Jamal Koram

To be a sponsor or patron of Baba Jamal Koram the StoryMan,
Or for bookings, please call:
African American Storytelling Arts Institute
127 South Fairfax Street, PMB 338
Alexandria, VA 22314
(703) 684-8587
Class Acts: (301) 588-7525

Your Favorite Storytellers Foundation, 7115 W. North Ave.. PMB #257, Oak Park, IL 60302
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